1. “I enjoyed the simplicity and ease of this course. With clients clamoring for attention, training always seems impossible to add to an already full day. This was short, simple and informative”
  2. “This was an awesome course.  It really gave me a great flavor for each of your different style categories and also shows that the same care is brought to all tours.”
  3. “I love the videos. They are not boring, have music to keep me enticed. I like the color pictures of food and people having fun.”
  4. “Great information, and really like the combination of video and graphics presenting content.”
  5. “Very enticing presentation. I cannot wait to experience one of these trips very soon”
  6. “Can’t wait to travel again, so many of the trips look amazing! I thought the training was good, simple and straight to the point. Easy to follow. Great job! 🙂 “
  7. “I love how the course is to the point. It is very informative, yet easy to understand and complete. It contains all relevant information without being super long. I also love the words used to describe what Club Adventure is all about. The quotations are  all noteworthy. Would not change a thing. Congrats. I am a fan”
  8. “This course was a lot more fun than the usual courses on other tour companies. I learned a lot about the different types of trips and saw some we could really sell. “
  9. “I am really enjoying the CATS courses. I love Club Adventures and I’m always excited to stay learning about a brand that I am so passionate about.”